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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just Becauses

I love just becauses.

You know - things you do just because.

Things like hanging notes all over to wish The Niece happy birthday last week. Silly, yes. Fun, definitely.

Things like sticking a package of newly-baked cookies in the mail for your favorite recipe-testing friend to evaluate.

Things like picking up an apricot kolache on the way to work because you know your boss loves them.

Things like dropping by The Boy's office with a triple-shot misto while in between meetings.

Just becauses are fun and, to my way of thinking, are a simple (and usually not expensive) way of saying that you've got another person on the brain.

I'm thinking about just becauses, well, because of that package of cookies. My recipe-testing friend said that she'd never received cookies in the mail before. That made me both happy to have sent her very first package and surprised at the same time.

Perhaps I simply grew up in a just becauses family. My mom regularly sent care packages (not just to my sisters and I, but to her student employees as well). So much so that at one time, I actually had an "order form" so she'd send exactly the flavors I was craving. And she even bakes and sends a cookie I dislike but a certain Boy in my house adores.

That's not to mention all of the reminder notes on the mirror from mom and dad, emails from siblings and grandparents. Then, of course, there are the packages of peppermint bark and long-missed seasonings from friends.

Just becauses are great. I suppose that's why I included it on my 101 list - though I'd forgotten all about that until I read through my list this morning.

What are your favorite just becauses? (Either given or received?)


  1. I forgot to respond here... definitely loved the cookies. Love you, too.

  2. Well I sent them because I love you guys, too!!! :)