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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Defying Death and What Seems Possible

Never read the promotional brochures that are stuffed into your "Welcome To" packets.

At least, you shouldn't read them if you don't want to find yourself doing something that you'd never imagined yourself zip lining.

So I blame this photo on a promotional brochure:

That's right - promotional brochure led to all kinds of craziness on 12 zip-line runs in Durango, Colorado. Of the four individuals who agreed to zip line, only one was slightly

Witness The Boy:

No problems. He made it look easy.

And you know what? It really was easy - and not too scary:

But I feel it important to note that one thing that isn't mentioned in the promotional brochure is that you will feel like you did 1000 sit ups for the next few days. Talk about sore muscles after carting around a harness and pulleys around your waist for two hours. Geesh.

All of the near-death tree-to-tree zipping was celebrated with a visit to the Steamworks Brewing Company in Durango.

Famous for their beer...

They also make really amazing food.

Gouda-Granny Smith Apple burger

Seriously - the food was so good that we drove to Durango to eat there a second time and I photographed the entire menu so I could recreate some of the food after we returned to Dallas.

Refueled, we headed to Four Corners to fulfill a long-held group dream (and personal 101 Goal) - to touch four states at the same time.

It takes a bit of work to get to Four Corners, driving through pretty desolate countryside. But it's worth it to be able to say you've touched four states at once.

Even if you are immature about the pose you select to do it.

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