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101 in 1001 List (#1)

The challenge: Develop a list of 101 goals to be achieved in 1001 days.

Start date: March 1, 2010
Finish date: November 26, 2012

Here's what all I did...

For my Health:
1. Achieve a healthy BMI (more here)

2. Keep a food journal for one week (read the details)
3. Eat fresh fruit every day for two weeks (fruit-a-rama here)
4. Take a multivitamin daily for a year (overrated)
5. Take yoga classes (my experience here)
6. Run a 10 minute mile (look at her go!)
7. Run a marathon (the full experience here)
8. Get a hot rock massage (
9. Consult with a nutritionist (details here)
10. Take 10 full-evening breaks from the internet, not including vacation days! (Done!)

To Have Some Fun:
11. Go to an NHL game (mentioned here)

12. Go to an MLS game (
13. Attend a NASCAR race (boogity boogity boogity!)
14. Go on a brewery tour (Rahr!!!)
15. Eat world-famous bbq in Lockhart, TX (yummy!)
16. Attend a scrapbooking convention (so much little time)
17. Eat an In-and-Out burger (finally - it was ok)
18. Go to a guerilla restaurant (see my post here for the report)
19. Take pictures in a photo booth (I'd do it again!!)

20. Attend a cello concert (my favorite stringed instrument)
21. Attend an art gallery opening (gorgeous and festive)
22. Participate in an Urban Race (see my post here for details)
23. Visit Dallas Blooms (gorgeous day, gorgeous flowers)
24. Go to an improv comedy show (enjoyed Paula Poundstone - see here)
25. Go ice skating at Christmas in the Galleria (so much fun!!)
26. See the Trains at NorthPark (a Dallas Christmas tradition)

To Conquer my Fear:
27. Skydive (read all about it here)

28. Go to a movie alone (Woody Allen at the discount cinema)
29. Go to the opera (a short introduction-to-opera experience)
30. Try threading (see my post here for full details)
31. Find a dermatologist and have a full skin appraisal done (not that bad!)

To Be Creative:
32. Take a photo every day for a month (done!)
33. Scrapbook 2009 (and it's about time!)
34. Scrapbook life in UK (done...)
35. Scrapbook tours in UK (done...)
36. Scrapbook London (and done!)
37. Learn to strip furniture (finally done - see here.)
38. Paint my antique desk (the forever project done - read it here.)
39. Restructure my blog (done - read about it here.)
40. Make something I've seen in a catalog (see my post here about my project)

To Continue Growing:
41. Memorize a poem (we went tech-free)
42. Check out a book from the public library every other month for a year (accomplished)
43. Read a book (for pleasure) once a month for a year (done!)
44. Read 5 biographies (what fun!)
45. Read 5 autobiographies (a great experience)
46. Run the YMCA Turkey Trot (the most fun you can have on Thanksgiving morning!)
47. Join a CSA (healthy and local - I feel like a better person)
48. Vote in every election for one year (civic duty accomplished)

To Explore:
49. Tour a winery (in Colorado!)
50. Ride the State Fair of Texas Ferris Wheel (whee!!)
51. Go to a local festival in another town (mudbugs, anyone?)
52. Participate in an Oktoberfest (great food!)
53. Tour Blue Bell Creamery (it is the best ice cream in the country)
54. Tour Mrs Bairds Bakery (carbs...good!)
55. Tour Shiner Bock (awesome!)
56. Tour Avery Island (so fun!)
57. Visit the Palo Duro Canyon (finally made the trip)
58. Try unusual State Fair fried food (yum and ugh)
59. Hike the San Antonio Mission Trail (hike or run, it's all the same)
60. Go on a get-away long weekend trip with my husband (just what we needed - here)
61. Explore Spring Creek Forest (our own secret place)
62. Touch four states at one time (whoo-hoo!)
63. Take an unplanned Saturday trip (unplanned in every way)
64. Go on a geocaching "century" run (so fun!)
65. Find 300 geocaches (now on to the next milestone)
66. Make and hide 1 geocache (find out howhere)

To Be Generous:
67. Leave a 100% tip (a nice start to 2011)
68. Pay for the car behind me in a drive-thru (have a coffee on me)

To Invest in Relationships:
69. Make a candlelight dinner (romance 2012)
70. Have guests for a food and fellowship in our home every month for a year (what a fun goal!)
71. Take a trip to visit a friend (we love the Davis family!)
72. Send a random care package to someone I know (spontaneous - see here)
73. Celebrate turning 40 (Happy Birthday to me!!)
74. Write a thank you letter to a favorite teacher (thank you, Mrs Adams)
75. ** Private – maybe I’ll tell in the future...and maybe not, so this one isn't blogged**

Because Home is Important:
76. Solve my rose bush-against the window problem (voila!)
77. Plant an herb garden (I'm hoping it grows! Here)
78. Get fire extinguishers for the house (Done! We feel so safe.)
79. Organize and display nativity collection (I love it! See it here.)
80. Repaint the many touch-up paint spots around the house (It's about time!)
81. Change a light switch (Thanks, Dad!)
82. Decorate the television wall in the family room (Finished! Simple and clean - here.)
83. Make and hang guest bedroom curtains (project finished)
84. Learn to make creme brulee from scratch (Hooray! See the photos here)
85. Make Grandma Osborne's angel food cake (Done! Read my lessons learned here)
86. Make one new recipe out of every cookbook I own (WOW!!! I did it!!)

Just Because:
87. Join a running group (unbelievably...done)
88. Take a cooking class (What a fun day! Read about it here)
89. Leave a note inside a library book (all in the name of encouraging perseverance)
90. Send a postcard to PostSecret  (My secret's out!)
91. Organize my iTunes playlists (I just needed an afternoon)
92. Watch the AFI "10 Top 10" (a huge project's finally complete)
93. Buy clothes at a consignment/thrift store (not as scary as I feared)
94. Buy a classic pair of riding boots (much loved already)
95. Eat a James Beard award-winning chef meal (two of them!)
96. Eat in the Reunion Tower restaurant (great view, great food - just great!)
97. Learn how to make a Singapore Sling (man is it yummy)
98. Identify 50 things that bring me joy (now to remember these)
99. Make homemade ice cream. (oh.yum.)
100. Blog about each item I've completed on this list (yay - see above!!)
101. Create a new 101 in 1001 list when this one is complete! (click to visit list #2)

Are you doing a 101 things in 1001 days? I'd love to hear more about your experience - share in the comments!!