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Monday, August 6, 2012

Salad Inspiration

Our friend, Chef Jordan, served the most amazing salad at a dinner party a couple of weeks ago.

This amazing salad had purple hulled peas, jalapenos, green tomatoes and a few other small things that I can't remember. The specifics don't really matter anyway - it was delicious. Amazingly delicious.

And did I say it was ah-maz-ing?!?

When I found myself still thinking about that salad a few days later, I decided to make a Hayley-inspired-by-Jordan's-amazing-salad Salad.

My version had pinto beans, jalapenos, green tomatoes, ripe red tomatoes and a dash of jalapeno-infused salt.

You know what? It wasn't Chef Jordan's salad, but it was pretty amazing all the same.

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