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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Advice from The Boy

Several people know about this already, so it's not really a secret: I had a major fall while running last week.

The fall itself wasn't very spectacular, but the skid was.

Unfortunately, it happened about 10 minutes into my 3 mile run. Shannah from 2 years ago would have gone home crying. Shannah from last Thursday merely wiped blood onto the grass, got up and kept running.


But my wounds are pretty grody. Very grody in some places. And, as is typical of wounds, they hurt a lot worse today than they did last week.

While I was pouring on hydrogen peroxide and complaining about the pain, The Boy imparted these words of wisdom:

Either learn not to fall,
or learn how to take a hit.

I'm lucky I have him.

My only non-super grody boo-boo


  1. Thing is, even if I can totally handle it, I want to talk about my wounds alllll the time. :)