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Friday, March 1, 2013

Feel Better, One Pin at a Time

I know I'm crazy. I know I am.

That's the only reason why I would have put acupuncture on my 101 list. Who randomly thinks it would be interesting to have needles stuck all over his/her body?

Only a crazy person.

And that crazy person is me.

I found a Groupon that allowed me to have two acupuncture sessions with a degreed chiropractor.

(That's right - I signed up to get stuck with pins twice.)

Surprisingly, it wasn't that bad. Dr J told me that acupuncture would, over time, make me feel better and have more energy. I certainly felt more relaxed after each session, but I'm not sure if that was from the needles or from laying in a quiet dark room for 30 minutes.

I may or may not have napped at the same time.

So relaxation definitely happened.

But the big question: Would I do it again?

If we weren't focused on fully funding our emergency fund, raising money to go on a trip to X-country or paying off our house, I probably would. More energy and relaxation are good things - even if they require needles to get there.



  1. Wow Shannah! I've always wanted to do this. Who did you go to? I'm convinced this will help me with my sinus issues. Although, quercetin + bromelain has helped dramatically.

    1. I went to see Dr Homer Johnson at Farmers Branch Wellness Center. 972-331-1234