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101 in 1001 List (#2)

I've obviously insane because I've decided to do the 101 in 1001 challenge again.

Start date: November 27, 2012
Finish date: August 26, 2015

Black standard font - still to do
Purple font - complete

1. Take a gardening class
2. Make a terrarium
3. Fully fund our emergency fund
4. Start saving into my HSA account
5. Paint the front door
6. Add insulation to the attic
7. Replace the mailbox
8. Have the planting beds and shrubs professionally cleaned up
9. Figure out how to organize the car trunks
10. Get my rings resoldered
11. Get new linens for master bedroom - Work in progress
12. Hang holiday lights on the outside of the house
13. Print and clear 2006-2010 calendars
14. Add all birthdays/anniversaries to digital calendar
15. Adjust our life insurance policies to proper levels
16. Get real kitchen knives

17. Read the Bible through chronologically
18. Invest in faith community through relationships not activity - Work in progress
19. Abstain from Facebook for a week
20. Abstain from Twitter for a week
21. Read Walden by Henry David Thoreau - Not accomplished
22. Read The Power of Less by Babauta
23. Don't swear for a week
24. Go computer free one night a week for a month

25. Learn how to make Kelly's favorite holiday apple jelly
26. Reengage with my professional women's network 
27. Read "Boundaries"
28. Make a handmade greeting card
29. Make a custom book for someone special
30. Take a cooking class with Kelly
31. Help a friend obtain a 101 goal item
32. Do one "Dallas ladytastic" activity
33. Join a book club
34. Spend more time with my girlfriends
35. Have professional photos taken for our 15th anniversary

36. Make a craft or recipe from my Pinterest boards once a month for a year
37. Do a Wreck This Journal
38. Make a gingerbread house
39. Document a day in my life in photos
40. Make a font out of my handwriting
41. Participate in Nester's 31 Days
42. Participate in YHL's Pinterest Challenge
43. Make my own jewelry Christmas tree - Not accomplished
44. Take a photo of a place in all 4 seasons
45. Make state string art
46. Embroider something
47. Do huck (Swedish) weaving - Not accomplished

48. Find 100 geocaches in 1 day
49. Log 750 geocaching finds - Not accomplished
50. Visit a presidential museum
51. Go to Kaboom Town
52. Visit Muenster, Texas
53. Tour Franconia Brewery
54. See the bats fly in Austin
55. Go to TopGolf with Kelly
56. Go to the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas
57. Design an infographic
58. Visit the DFW National Cemetery - Not accomplished
59. Go to the Roller Derby - Not accomplished
60. Explore the new Dallas Museum of Nature and Science
61. Learn how to make a La Duni mojito
62. Take another international trip before my passport needs renewing
63. See Wait Wait live
64. Be a part of Leadership Plano
65. Visit The Mecca (east Dallas)
66. Take a trip to Cuba

67. Try bubble tea
68. Eat at Knife
69. Go to Addison's Oktoberfest
70. Participate in a gospel brunch
71. Eat at Ham's Orchard
72. Try chicken and waffles
73. Try a Hypnotic donut
74. Get kimchee fries from Ssahm BBQ
75. Eat at an Ethiopian restaurant
76. Shop at Jimmy's food market
77. Try six new dive restaurants in a year
78. Try pho

79. Rejoin a gym
80. Try Zombies, Run!
81. Try going vegetarian two days a week
82. Get a PR in a marathon
83. Run 13 in '13
84. Do acupuncture
85. Don't eat fast food for a month
86. Maintain Platinum Vitality status every year
87. Get a gel manicure - Not accomplished
88. Get a spray tan
89. Pay for a foot massage
90. Get a professional makeover
91. Run the Marine Corps Marathon
92. Start swimming
93. Have an acupressure massage
94. Go to a restorative yoga class at the Crow
95. Get a real running watch

Just Because
96. Participate in a Yelp event
97. Throw away all of my underwear and start over
98. Buy a new winter coat
99. Save $5 for every task I complete and buy something I really want with my savings - Not accomplished
100. Blog about each goal achieved
101. Create a new list (either a 101 in 1001 or a 30 in 365)


  1. Hey Shannah, I'm your girl for #80!

  2. Jealous! I've always wanted to try Ethiopian - but the one I know of was next to planned parenthood and location is everything and being next to a clinic of any sort def. creeps me out when it comes to restaurants!

    1. That would totally creep me out...we found a great place in a strip mall in Richardson. It was wonderful!