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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Quick and Easy: Falafel (it's not awful) Salad

Quite some time ago, I saw a Pinterest link to falafel salad. It looked delicious, so I pinned it onto my recipe boards.
Then I promptly forgot about it ... until I went grocery shopping the other week and saw this at Trader Joe's:

Heat-and-eat falafel. What a time saver! Homemade is pretty simple, but it does take time and in the summer, when you want to work as little as possible and eat as soon as possible, heat-and-eat (for less than $4 for the bag) is a winner deal.

It's especially a winner when you stop and consider the reality of grocery shopping for me: A tiring affair that always leaves me wanting to go out to eat after I finally get home with all of the newly-purchased groceries.

The entire grocery shopping excursion is somewhat self-defeating.

Anyway, I fought my urge to put away the groceries and head out to a restaurant. Instead I warmed the falafel (which always makes The Boy ask Why would they name something that rhymes with "awful"?), added it to a simple salad and dinner was on the table in less than 15 minutes.

Score one for the wife AND the Hayley household budget.

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