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Friday, August 9, 2013

Crock Pot Cooking: Tender Flavorful Roast

Who doesn't love easy and delicious meals?

If you raised your hand and you're reading my blog, you need to move on. Obviously you've landed here by mistake.

Today I'm sharing my recipe for a simple way to prepare roast using your crock pot and an army of spices. You'll have this prepared and in the crock pot in about 10 minutes. What could be better?

This has become one of my go-to recipes for dinner parties as well as Hayley weeknight meals.

Full disclosure - my recipe is based on this one. I've made slight revisions to suit our pantry contents.

Perfect Crock Pot Roast that Doesn't Taste Like Old-School Sunday Roast.

Combine 1 t. garlic powder, 1 t. lemon pepper, 1 t. paprika, 1 t. chili powder and 1 t. onion powder.

Place roast in crock pot. By the way, this cooking method works well for any type of roast suited to long, slow cooking - chuck roast, arm roast, etc.
Add 1/2 c. water.
Rub roast with seasonings.

You'll notice I also use crock pot liners. It's not that I mind washing my crock pot - the truth is that I cracked my second crock pot ceramic liner one month after replacing the first crock pot ceramic liner that I broke.


Anyway, once the roast is seasoned, cover the crock pot and cook on low for eight hours.

After the cooking time has completed, remove the roast and shred.

We use the roast for tacos, salads, tamales, with potatoes and gravy, with fresh vegetables...the options are endless.

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