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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Harry Potter!

One more thing - before I forget (as if I could forget!)...

The Boy and I took time in Orlando before returning home to visit Universal Studio's Islands of Adventure. The purpose? To explore the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

And believe me, only something so exciting could convince us to be outside in 85F with 80% humidity - after running 17 miles that morning. Insanity.

But is it insanity when you know you'll have to respect the Spell Limit?!?!?

The whole town felt as though we'd stepped into the Harry Potter film set.

Hogwarts Castle awaits...

...along with one of the most immersive theming ride environments I've ever been in. The Sorting Hat even took time to remind us of the ride's rules.

Hogsmead was a ton of fun.

From lunch in the Three Broomsticks (fish and chips - yum yum):

With Butterbeer (also yum yum, but very sweet):

Dervish and Bangles had a Monster Book of Monsters in stock and Olivander's was chock full of wands.

Honeydukes sweets shop had peppermint frogs, Bertie's Every Flavor Beans, chocolate frogs, candy floss and more.

Zonko's Joke Shop even had extendable ears. An early market partner for the Weasley brothers, I'm sure.
You could drop off bags at the Owlery - very handy for enjoying the rides.

It was totally an amazing experience. One we'll have to repeat - along with enjoying the rest of the park. The heat and humidity, combined with body fatigue, took it out of us.
We called it an early evening with dinner at Margaritaville, plenty of liquid refreshment and people watching.
Trust me: In a theme park, that's always entertaining.

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