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Monday, September 16, 2013

Bad Foot? What Bad Foot?

I was complaining last Monday morning about my sore foot to a runner friend at work.

You need to lay off running for a week or so, she advised.

Even though she's a relatively new runner, I thought that was wise counsel. Visions of last year's marathon cancellation because of a broken foot still haunt me. Rest a week (or so) and be able to run or be a hero and maybe find myself out of the race - again?!

Right. Rest.

So I rested. And I iced. And I started daily crazy foot strengthening exercises.

Who knows...perhaps if I'd done some of those crazy foot strengthening exercises after returning to running post-broken foot, I might not be dealing with plantar fascitis right now.

Despite the self-imposed mandate to rest, I needed wanted to run with my company's team in the Corporate Challenge 5k. My age makes me a bitter about her age master's class runner.

Off The Boy and I went to the race yesterday morning. I had no idea what to expect.

But no matter what, I can guarantee you that I didn't expect to run my fastest run ever.


Run fast I did and, thankfully, no terrible foot reaction after. Of course, I iced. I taped. I elevated. I stretched.

I still have a marathon coming up that I'm determined to run after all.

PS - our team won the silver medal in our category. YAY!!

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