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Sunday, September 15, 2013

So At First I Felt Guilty

I took a day off the other day - I had several things that needed doing and, I'm ashamed to admit, 12 days that I need to take off before the end of the year or I lose them.

(And that's after subtracting the days that I can roll over to next year. I guess I just really love my job!)

Anyway, I thought to myself that I still might work some, albeit at a slower pace, just to get ahead on several small projects.

Midway through the day, when I realized I was struggling to get my several things that needed doing done, I admitted I was not going to work. What I was going to do was rest.

Its a strange thing - intellectually I know that resting is good and useful for the soul. Yet somehow it's still hard to let myself settle into watching a foreign film, petting a kitty and doing not much else.

And the idea of putting "Get more rest" on a task list seems ridiculous.

So at first I felt guilty about relaxing.

Then I felt liberated.

Now I can't wait to take my other 11 days off - including the entire week between Christmas and New Years!

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