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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Master Chef?

Last year I participated in my company's chili cook-off by eating my way around the office.

Tons of fun.

This year I decided to enter. I didn't think I'd have a shot of winning - we're a highly competitive bunch and these people take chili very seriously.

So I made something different, a white chicken chili.

The Boy promptly informed me that I wasn't making chili. I was making white stuff.


I did take note of his disdain, however, and decided that my "not chili" would have to be competitive in a different way. I gave it a Swahili name - Kuku Pili Pili - and decorated my competition station table with plenty of flair.

Those who know me well knew what I was mom noted on Facebook, ""

Totally my philosophy.

Anyway, I had fun and all of the "white stuff" was eaten.

You can imagine my surprise when I read the following company wide email a couple of hours later:

Thanks to all who participated in today’s chili cook off...
3rd Place Judge’s Choice: Shannah Hayley’s "Kuku Pili Pili"

And I even got a prize! My own Chili Cook-Off apron!

I'm totally wearing it next year.

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