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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Oh Nando's - We've Missed You

After the Marine Corps Marathon (and a well-deserved shower and change of clothes), we headed to one of our favorite restaurants from the UK: Nando's.

Words can not describe how much we love this restaurant, nor how sad we are that there's not one close to us. Nando's opened branches in the US 2-3 years ago, but still hasn't expanded past the D.C. area.

Our plan was to eat there last year after the race - of course we weren't able to do that since we had to outrun a hurricane and a snowstorm.

This year, we would not be denied.

I'm not going to write about how good the food was. I'll let the photos do the talking.

But I am glad that I'd run a marathon before heading to Nando's so I could justify eating all of this.

Full disclosure: The Boy and I shared our meal. It was still a ton of food and I cleaned my plate.

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