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Sunday, November 24, 2013


We've just experienced the most deliriously relaxing Saturday.

A late night Friday at the basketball game (our first one to actually attend this season) could have set us up for a dreadful Saturday.

After all, we had to get up early for our last group run.

Doing that without having gone to the game was challenge enough. Winter arrived suddenly Friday morning - transforming North Texas from a mild fall (80F temps last weekend) to frigid rainy winter.

The trees don't know what hit them.

Anyway, we had to get up early for our last group run. It was only total dedication to the group (or fear of being called a wimp) that got me there when I really wanted to stay in bed with the kitties.

Yet we ran - and, as things usually end up - the weather wasn't too bad and we ended with smiles on our frozen faces.

We headed home to warm up with hot showers, followed by lots of layers, including clothing, blankets and kitties, hot coffee and cup after cup of steaming hot wassail.

We watched Elf - for the first time ever. I hate Will Ferrell movies, but this was pretty funny. Any movie with Bob Newhart has a lot of promise, as far as I'm concerned.

I took a nap. So did Ben and Bridget.

Then we all snuggled in to enjoy our warm home while the cold air blew outside. It's definitely true that a warm heart makes for a happy home.

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