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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


It's always interesting to read Facebook during November. Many of my American friends prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday by posting a daily "thankful for" status update.

I haven't done likewise, which speaks more to my inherent resistance towards going along with the crowd than it does to my internal feelings of gratitude.

Because, in truth, I feel incredibly thankful this year. It's been a tough season for us - physically, emotionally and relationally. Yet this year we've discovered resources that astound even us.

Instead of asking "How much worse can it get?", we've proclaimed "We don't care how bad it can be, we know we don't have to accept the unacceptable."

We've discovered the truth that God is always at work. Our fears that our faith and passion for Him had been crushed by the hardships of life are unfounded. It turns out that God can breathe white-hot life into half-dead embers of faith. Maybe there's a greater purpose in dormancy than we can know right now. But what matters now is that we're learning to love and trust God (and more so His people) anew.

After 14 years of marriage, our commitment to one another and our shared goals and dreams is stronger than ever. As I watch the breakdown of marriages, both in and out of the faith, I realize this is a tremendous blessing.

So yes, I'm thankful this year. I have much more than 30 days worth of reasons to proclaim my gratitude.

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