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Friday, December 6, 2013

Changing My Colors

Operation Paint the Front Door is complete.

Here's where we started:

And here's where we finished:

It wasn't a hard project, just a little time intensive and more coats of paint than I'd expected.

Step One: Clean the door.

Step Two: Knock down build up with sandpaper.

Step Three: Wipe door with liquid deglosser to rough up the rest of the door surface. This will help the new paint adhere.

Step Four: Tape off glass and hardware (or remove the hardware - but I'm lazy).

Step Five: Paint!

Coat One
Coat Two
Coat 3

Coat 4
Since this required leaving the door open during the drying period, I had to spend a good amount of time scolding the furbabies for peeking outside. Bridget finally observed from the upstairs hallway.

And Ben observed Bridget.

Anyway, back to our door. We love it!! And, if at any point we stop loving it - we can paint it again.

Next decorating!

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