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Friday, December 27, 2013

Even With Some Failures...

Even though I had some epic failures, I still managed to make something inspired by my Pinterest boards at least once each month during 2013.

Most of the time I cooked something - not surprising since I tend to pin recipes from my Cooking Light magazine to test. However, I did try some cleaning-related tips out as well.

Here's what all I put to the Pinterest-test during 2013 (you can find these by clicking the 101 list tag as well):
  • January: Clean pillows and washing machine
  • February: Frosting decorating tricks
  • March: Hershey's kiss cookies
  • April: Quick cinnamon rolls, orange buttercream cupcakes, Martha Stewart no-slip rug, lasagna roll-ups
  • May: Texas Gov. cookies, baked onion rings, freezer smoothies
  • June: Zucchini/Caramelized onion quiche, spring veggie penne, black bean enchiladas, Indian crockpot, cilantro crab salad
  • July: Falafel salad, thin mint trifle, TexMex quiona salad, freezing green onions, garlic rose relish, cherry limeade, quiona green chile enchiladas
  • August: Oven roasted frozen corn, kale & green apple salad, jalapeno grilled cheese, crockpot roast
  • September: Chipotle snack mix, crockpot chicken, strawberry cupcakes, breakfast pockets, whole wheat cinnamon bread, vinegar berry soak
  • October: Chicken & spinach pasta, crockpot chicken Parmesan, crockpot beef short ribs
  • November: Ravioli "lasagna", fish stick tacos, pumpkin sugar cookies, chicken tikka pizza
  • December: Natural drain cleaner, gingerbread Eiffel tower, chicken and pierogi dumplings

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