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Friday, January 24, 2014

You Should Always Ask This Question

This is the month that I'm going through boxes.

Boxes that my mom has given me that have sat in her house for years. Boxes that I had already that have sat in my home for years. Lots and lots and lots of boxes.

Later this year I'll go through our clothes, our various computer "things," the garage and the pantry.

The goal is to de-stuff-ify. It's also an attempt to regain a sense of order and "everything in its place." Let's just call it a sanity exercise.

But here's a really important part of the de-stuff-ify process: With every bit and piece I pull out of boxes, regardless of what it is, I ask myself:

Do I really need this or do I just like the idea of this?

I'm finding this to be a really helpful question in a variety of areas.

Do I really need these old school newspapers or do I just like the idea of keeping old papers? (The answer to both of these was a resounding NO - so off to the recycle bin they went, after reading and chuckling at the "big news" of my school years.)

Do I really need all of these scrapbooking scissors or do I just like the idea of having these scissors? (Honestly - when I scrapbook, I do it digitally. Off to the garage sale pile they went.)

Do I really need three formal length dresses or do I just like the memories associated with these dresses? (I like the memories and I have photos. Off to the garage sale pile.)

Do I really need these tubes of craft paint that I haven't used in two years or do I just like the idea that someday I might paint something with them? (I'm not sure, so I'll keep them for a while longer.)

The point is - it's important to be honest with yourself. Brutally honest. What I mean is this:

Yes, I can do a lot of things - but will I?

Do I like who I am...or do I like who I aspire to be?

If it's the former, move on from some of the stuff (physical and emotional). If it's the latter, change what you must to make it reality instead of aspiration.