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Saturday, January 25, 2014


The strangest rainstorms are the ones that happen while the sun is shining. I was listening to A Way with Words the other day and they were talking about the regional differences in names for this type of event.

I personally have never called it anything special.

One term that Grant and Martha mentioned was sunshower.

Honestly, I can't stop thinking about it because it seems to be such a great way to refer to those weird times in our lives when we ought to be happy or content - yet we can't be. Or when so many things are going right at the exact same time as so many things are going wrong.

It just feels like the worst kind of life rainstorm - scary, depressing and noisy - in the midst of the sunny trappings of life - joy, brightness and opportunity. It's a time when you feel both like crying and celebrating. It's a quandry.

Somehow, just somehow, the term sunshower seems to sum all of that up perfectly.

Source - I love National Geographic!

And you know what else I've learned about sunshowers? They are the most frequent type of weather event to produce rainbows.

That's something to pin your hopes on, isn't it?


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