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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Random: Things I'm Enjoying Right Now

In the midst of busy and (at times) disappointing moments, it's important to grab at pieces of joy.

With that in mind, right now I'm really enjoying:

1. @SochiProblems on Twitter.

This clever viral twitter handle has picked up on the multiple failures that are plaguing the Olympics in Sochi, Russia. For those of us who've lived extensively overseas, this is a hysterical feed to follow and reminisce about the crazy "normal" things that happen overseas while laughing at the reaction of those who encounter them for the first time. Ricky and Lucy beds, missing manhole covers, missing elevators...we've been there and done that. And it still makes me laugh.

via @SochiProblems

2. @ZachGalifinak on Twitter.

This is a parody account, but perfectly captures the humor portrayed in many of actor Zach Galifinakas' roles. How can you not relate to a post like this?

via @ZachGalifinak

(That, by the way, is how I ended up doing a wheelie on a motorcycle with my dad many many years ago. Lesson still not learned.)

3. Justified on Netflix.

via Netflix

A modern "Have Gun Will Travel." We love it - a US Marshall with a strong sense of right and wrong has to adjust to life in his home state of Kentucky after a reassignment. And the theme song, "Long Hard Times to Come," is awesome. I listen to it every.time.

4. Snow in Texas.

Although I've now had enough and winter can be over. Ok?

5. The furballs.

Worthless. Both of them.

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