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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cuba: Day Three

Another early morning. And unfortunately very early for the Hayleys due to another "who knew" moment.

Case in point: Who knew your cell phone would automatically adjust to Daylight Savings Time even when you're 1) in Cuba and 2) have the phone in airplane mode?

We didn't know - that's why we had adjusted our phone alarm to account for the time change and found ourselves out of bed at 4 am. UGH.

But eventually everyone else woke up and headed to our daily breakfast buffet. By the way - every morning the world's saddest faced but sweetest playing accordion player entertained us. I wish I had a photo of his face when he visited our table - for as sad and serious as he looks now, his smile is equally sweet and kind.

By 8:30, we loaded up - off to the church to pick up interpreters and on to Tamarindo Baptist.

 The house looks totally different set up for church.

I love this shirt - Love Your Enemies.

Lunch again at our local house.

Kelly and I chose to eat outside and visit with our interpreting team more. That's when I learned that the pleasant morning temperatures give way to sunny and hot around 1:30. UGH.

Today everyone that Kelly shared with made a profession of faith. Everyone but one individual that I shared with made a profession.

The last home I visited was an older woman and her adult son. She accepted faith and, as we were about to make our goodbyes, offered us coffee. Of course we stayed to have a cup and visit some more.
During our chat she started crying - when asked why, she shared that her husband wasn't a believer and had "a heart of stone for her." She said he was abusive and only Jesus could help him.

Because her husband didn't get home from work until the evening, it was hard to know what we could actually do to help. I told her my husband and I would pray for her, for someone to share with her husband and if it was possible, we would try to visit on one of our last two days. 
And with that, we made our goodbyes and wrapped for the evening.
Our team headed to dinner at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba. With a design that mimics The Breakers in Florida, the Nacional is a noted Havana landmark and World Heritage site. For more details on the hotel's history, click the hyperlink that I inserted in the name above - the hotel has seen its share of crazy things.
Crazy things that now include a visit by the Hayleys.


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