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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cuba: Day Two

We had an early morning Saturday - up, breakfast eaten and on the road by 8:15.

We met our interpreters at Calvary Baptist then headed to our work site. Our four days of work were supporting a church in the Tamarindo neighborhood.

The church, approximately 70 members, meets in a home. The owner of the home (standing in the doorway below) told me that he never imagined that God would ask him to give his house to the service of the church.

It was rather neat, honestly - like being in the first century church. The home owner was described as a member who "is giving everything he has joyfully to the Lord." Doesn't that just remind you of a certain passage? (Acts 2:42-47)

Our team got focused for the day's efforts, then headed out to work.

We had a full day of appointments with residents in the Tamarindo neighborhood. Our visits were with the friends and neighbors of the church members. They'd heard the Good News repeatedly and had said no to making a personal decision repeatedly.

But they said yes to a visit from an American.

We worked in teams of three - an American, a Cuban interpreter and a local church member. I actually had a group of four for the first two days, with two church members joining me.

We took a break for lunch at a local home that was authorized to do catering services. The home was lovely and unusually large. Perfect for feeding a tired and hungry crowd of 30+ workers.

And the food was Knowing that we were eating especially well as a majority of Cubans are dealing with food shortages and rations.

After lunch, we headed back out for more visits.

And unbelievably, for both Kelly and I, every single person we shared with made a profession of faith.

That evening we had a quick dinner at the Comodoro's buffet and crashed...until our 9:30 pm room call to remind us that the next morning was Daylight Savings Time.

Darn. Can't escape springing forward even in Cuba.

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