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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dive Expedition: We Have an (Donut) Obsession

Kelly said we needed to try another donut shop.

I said that was the last thing we needed to do. However, I still went with him to Max's Donuts in Allen, Texas.

After all, who would say no to a hot, fresh donut after doing speed work on the track? Running has to have some sort of reward.

The signs were pretty clear that this was a popular donut shop. Not since I lived in England and purchased the occasional Krispy Kreme at Harrods have I ever seen such a long and windy queue.

People waited outside. And this was no small shop either.

Even with our early(ish) arrival, the stock had been picked over. It was easy to understand why - customer after customer were buying boxfuls of donut-y goodness.

Here's the reason for our visit: A single glazed donut that Kelly swore was the closest Krispy Kreme-like donut he'd ever eaten (a coworker had brought some to the office the day before):

Our donut came right off the glazing line - just like a Krispy Kreme. That was a good start.

The donut was tender, flaky, lightly glazed and slightly crispy. Delicious!

Because we drove all that way, we also tried their sausage rolls. The jalapeno sausage roll was ok. But not as good as Sonny's. The same was true of their standard sausage roll.

The cinnamon roll was outrageously huge. Good, but (you guessed it) not as good as Sonny's.

So will we go back to Max's? Probably - but probably only when we want a Krispy Kreme type of glazed donut.

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