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Friday, February 28, 2014

Bake Those Tacos

Apologies for the sporadic posting.
Though I don't know why I'm apologizing - I gave plenty of warning that I was in a busy season of life.
Anyway, I was out of town for a goodly portion of the week. It's always nice to return home and get back to cooking good food for the good man in your life.
Baked Tacos
Yes. I baked tacos. And they were delicious - delicious enough to make again and again.
Fully cook your desired fillings (I used refried beans and spicy taco meat). Place taco shells in an oven-safe baking dish and fill. I topped my tacos with new-for-us-to-try queso fresco.
I feel as though I need to take a recipe detour to talk about queso fresco and why I was trying it out. My husband, great and adventurous eater that he is, despises goat milk products of any sort. No chevre. No feta. It's a sad situation for me.
I've been on the lookout for a cheese that might have the same saltiness of a feta but none of the goat milk sourness that makes Kelly gag. I heard that queso fresco had many of the same properties and, in even better news for me, is widely available.
The cheese did indeed crumble nicely and, just to be safe, I had my guy taste a bit before I potentially ruined our dinner with cheese. He proclaimed the flavor to be "AWESOME."
These types of successes really do give me a thrill. And now I can't wait to try making my oh-so-yummy Spinach Feta Pasta with queso fresco as a substitute.
Anyway, fill your tacos:

Bake at 350F for 10 minutes to crisp the shells and melt the cheese.

Top with your favorite cold fillings.

Seriously delicious!

Now I feel the need to try other combinations, like
  • Kung Pao chicken and cabbage
  • Spaghetti squash and black beans
  • Chicken tikka and butter lettuce
  • Roasted chicken and corn salsa

What combinations would you come up with? (I might just be tempted to try them out!)


  1. yum - will have to learn to bake tacos - was at my brothers and they baked some spaghetti tacos - tasted like spaghetti, looked like spaghetti - yum yum :-)

    1. These are amazingly good. The top edges stay crispy, but the bottoms get just soft enough that they aren't gross, but won't crack into a million pieces when you bite into them. A win-win.