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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Correcting a Sad Situation (or Two or Three or...)

The Hayleys spent some time (and hard-saved home improvement money) to do some much needed repairs around the house.

Our handyman/pastor friend, Travis, spent a few days at the house checking on valves (finding one that needed repair in the garage), flushing our hot water tank, re-caulking our tubs/showers/sinks and replacing all of our toilet flappers.

It's amazing how a series of long-awaited, but necessary, fixes can make you so happy. The caulk and properly running toilets alone made us feel as though we are living in a new house.

The most dramatic change, however, was our mailbox. For years we've lived with a droopy, pathetic mailbox - we knew we needed to replace it when we moved in.

But now, five years after we moved into this house, the mailbox became a critical situation. I even put it on my 101 list and hoped to get it repaired before the thing completely collapsed in the street:

So last week, I was overjoyed to see the results of Travis' efforts:

MUCH better. I'm sure the mailman will agree!

Now to save up to fix the yard...