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Friday, June 13, 2014

A Life of Contradictions

There are times that I don't understand myself at all.
  • I love experiencing new things...yet I crave the familiar.
  • Ethnic food is my thing...but I also love rice krispie treats and cinnamon rolls.
  • I like to run...yet I hate stepping in dirt.
  • I want to go and do...and I want to lay on the couch with the kitties.
  • I read Seth Godin's blog every well as People magazine's online homepage.
  • Big ideas...detail deficient.
And that's just the surface-level.

I suppose all of us are more complex and contradictory than we'd care to imagine.

We all have a disconnect between our idealized selves and our actual selves.

Complexity, though, is a different thing altogether. It is a yes-and, a but-then, an all-none. It's a is and isn't, at the same time, that makes us who we are.

PS - I wish I could go back to my teen aged self and listen with the adult understanding I now have to a lecture on fractals
given by a genius classmate of mine. I didn't understand nor appreciate them then, but now I find them fascinating.

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