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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Been There...Did That

From the random-101-list-file:

I've wanted to visit the Museum of Biblical Arts in Dallas for some time now, mostly because it's there and I've never gone.

Curiosity gets me to do many things in life.

A friend had a ministry fundraising luncheon there a few months ago - it gave me the perfect opportunity to both support the ministry and tour the museum. I would have written about this back then, but my flash drive died along with the photos I'd pulled off my phone.

Sad day. All photos from January through March - gone.

Anyway, the museum was interesting and very art-focused. It really isn't a place that I'd likely go back to for contemplation the way I might with other art museums. I think it was more the style of the artwork than anything else.

To each their own when it comes to taste in art, right?

Despite my overall feelings towards the artwork, I am glad the museum is there and that money has been invested in pulling the collection together. And to that end, I'm glad I went and was able to support their efforts with a donation.

This photo of Museum of Biblical Art is courtesy of TripAdvisor

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