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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Shopping at Jimmy's

I finally got in a shopping trip to Jimmy's Food Store-ha! Another 101 list down!)

This cute little shop is tucked away in East Dallas - close to my commute home in the evening, but enough off the path that I had to plan to stop by.

Once inside I was amazed to discover that Jimmy's is a lot like the wardrobe from the Chronicles of Narnia. That is, the inside of the store is far larger than you'd guess from the outside.

The store is crammed chock-a-block with imported goods from Italy. Pastas, sweets, meats, frozen goods, wines, jams, vegetables, name it, they probably have it. I came home with store-made lasagna, two frozen balls of pizza dough and a jar of the best fig jam I have ever tasted.

Seriously it's good. Good enough to plan to stop by Jimmy's again - and soon.

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