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Monday, February 9, 2015

Don't Ignore the Little Things

Oftentimes it really are the little things that make tremendous impact in life.

For me, those little things lately have looked like:

  • Getting the ironing done over the weekend.
  • Cooking good, wholesome food for 7 days in a row and then not feeling guilty when we decided to splurge with a fast-ish dinner out on night 7 (even though we took it home to eat).
  • Clearing my desk of 5 different piles of paper - cleared directly into file folders and drawers, recycling bins or to other team member's desks.
  • Clearing my computer of 4 different To Do post it notes.
  • Being able to scratch through one entire page of tasks.
  • Reading three magazines while relaxing with the kitties.
  • Getting a rare February sunburn (ouch!) because I spent way too much time outside.

None of these are much on their own, but together they mentally make a huge difference in how I perceive my sense of "behind-ness" and my overall stress level.

This makes me wonder why it's so easy to ignore the little things until they become Big Huge Horrible things?


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