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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Weird Weather Round Up

Just a post for me to remember how strange our Texas weather was during the last week of February and the first week of March.

Warm then wet then cold then warm then sleet then snow then warm then sleet then snow.

Odd indeed.

Plus over the same two weeks I worked from home for three days because of the weather, almost got stuck on the train heading home because the lines and tracks were covered in ice and had our car refuse to start in the middle of the worst sleet storm. It's never fun to call your spouse to come and pick you up at the train station, requiring him to drive over during the worst sleet storm while wearing his pajamas.

It's also the same crazy weather that - after it was gone - still kept Kelly and I from catching a flight to our Galloway program directors' meeting in Raleigh. Sitting in an airport for hours, waiting to see if we'd be allowed to board or get a different flight is only a slightly more bearable experience when you're doing it with your spouse. In the end, as we drove home in defeat, we realized we spent a day eating at the airport and playing Words with Friends. Not exactly a Hallmark date moment.

Good memories, y'all. God bless Texas.

A neighbor's snowman - super cute!

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