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Monday, March 9, 2015

When in Doubt - Run

The big questions of life:

  • If you've only run three times in six weeks, should you run a marathon? 
  • If you've had a head cold for over a week and have barely slept because of coughing and congestion, should you run a marathon?
  • If there's been a major sleet storm that shut down the city, should you travel to run a marathon?
  • If the weather is predicted to be unseasonably cold, should you run a marathon?

If you are Kelly and John, the answer is Of course you should run a marathon.

They are lunatics.

That's why despite roads (and driveways) that looked like this:

We drove to a marathon.

That's why despite lack of training runs, conditioning and cold weather, they were determined:

They even took time to plan their race strategy for the Army Marathon before the start.

That's why at the end of the race, with wind chills well below freezing, they looked like this:

To be fair, Kelly wants me to say that the day before the race I questioned his doubts about running the race. He claims I pushed him into running but the truth is, I knew what he would be like if he decided not to run. And I have to live with that mess.

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