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Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Beauty Flunkie Learns New Tricks

I had yet another silly 101 list goal - to get a professional makeover.

I didn't really want to be made over into someone that I wasn't. I wanted to learn how to put on makeup properly, because outside of theater and clowning, I've never had a makeup lesson. Ever.

That's how I found myself spending the afternoon with a makeup artist (no makeup counter salesperson application for me, thank you) walking through the basics of foundation, contouring, lip lining and the like.

And the result? Still very much like Shannah but slightly more polished.

I did take home some new skills that I can replicate for myself, although I think I'd need my makeup artist, Mandi, to pull off this extremely polished appearance every day.

Was it worth having a silly goal like this? I'd say yes - I feel a little more sure of myself when standing in the aisle at Sephora and I certainly know what to say yes to and what to ignore as a waste of money.

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