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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Just a Reminder to Create What You Need

I grabbed this photo off of Random Cathy's Insta feed because first, my hair looks cute this photo and second, I love this group of women.

I think I've written about this before (?? - too tired/can't be bothered to search The Archives), but I've had a great group of professional women that I've networked with for more than a decade.

In the early 2000s, a larger version of this group would get together to share stories and strategies for how we could advance our careers. We were young in our fields, working in what was then a male-dominated industry, and we were hungry to Make A Difference.

We needed each other to learn, to grow and to "sniff test" our reactions to situations we faced. It was a good and healthy group to engage with for the time. We met for a couple of years, then disbanded as healthy groups tend to do when a need has been fulfilled.

Last year, one of the former members of that group and I met for lunch and decided we needed version 2.0 of that group. This time, we would stay small and very focused. We'd have an agenda. We'd be designed for senior-level women (Hey! Our original group's purpose paid off in spades!) who were dealing with senior-level issues. Discussions would be strictly confidential.

Once again, it's a good and healthy group and I've found it to be so critical in my continued personal and professional growth. Where else can I meet with women that I've known for more than a decade, chat about life, enjoy a good meal, then have deep discussions and take notes ferociously over a topic that we're all dealing with?

The point of all of this is: Create what you need. If you need a group, don't wait around for someone to create one for you or to invite you to join their group. Make your own.

Recognizing a need and doing something about it is a part of your personal growth. You'll be better for having taken initiative in your own life to grow.