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Friday, June 19, 2015

Running Club: We Said Yes

We've been members of the Dallas Galloway training program for several years now. Kelly's even been a pace group leader (PGL) for two of those seasons.

Yet now we find ourselves as the program directors. Fun times! (Maybe.)

It's far more administrative work and people management than it is running training. The training portion takes care of itself - we have a great group of PGLs who know what to do.

Still, it's fun and busy and crazy.

And it's running. There's always running.

Kick off madness. It's been a rainy and unseasonably cool spring in Dallas. The rain even cancelled our official kick off. Then it became exceptionally hot and humid for our rescheduled kick off. Figures.

Our PGLs - we literally could not do this without them. 

Giveaways - we're trying to get our runners to interact with the group more on social media. We decided we weren't above bribing them.

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