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Friday, July 3, 2015

Bishop Cidery: Yes, There's a Cidery in Dallas

I'm not sure what I expected when I went to Bishop Cidery - a tour, for sure. I'm not a huge cider fan, so a tour or an explanation of the "how we make it" process were the major draws for me. 

I didn't get that the evening we stopped in. The owners/producers weren't there, just a super nice bartender who was happy to serve us but really couldn't answer our questions (nor, to be fair, should he have been expected to). 

We all tried the cider - my friend is a huge cider fan and she loved three of the four they had available. Cideways has a bit of an aftertaste - our least favorite. The remaining 3 were sweeter, but not cloying. My favorite was the crackberry, a mixture of blackberry and cranberry. I didn't love it enough to take home, but again, I'm not a huge cider fan.

So my FYIs for anyone heading down to Bishop Cider Co:

  • If you want a tour, you might want to call in advance and pick a time when the owner is there and can show you around or answer questions.
  • Don't be right on time or you might find yourself waiting around. The opening time is...flexible. They opened about 10 minutes late the day we were there. But hey - it's Bishop Arts so we killed time exploring and chatting with a friend that we ran into (because I live in that small of a world!).

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