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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Kenny's Burger Joint: Because If Kenny's Cooking, We're Eating

We're big fans of Kenny's Woodfire Grill and Kenny's Smokehouse. Both serve excellent food and offer excellent service. On our last visit to Smokehouse, our server mentioned that he also worked at the Burger Joint. That's how we found ourselves at Kenny's Burger Joint on an afternoon when we were craving a burger. 

By the way, I'm not sure what Kenny does to engender such loyalty from his staff, but it's evident at every one of his restaurants. Staff speak highly of him and his leadership team, as well as of each other. That makes for an awesome positive dining experience every time we've been at a Kenny's restaurant. 

The Burger Joint is definitely the most casual of his properties that we've been to - kind of upscale diner with chef-driven food. The menu offers plenty of choices yet is well edited to just two pages. 

I ordered the mushroom Brie burger, medium. Kelly ordered a chili burger with chili, cheese and jalapeƱos, medium (skipping the offer of Fritos as part of a Happy Birthday Fritos! option). The menu indicated the latter should be eaten with a fork and knife - wise advice. Both burgers were cooked perfectly. I was really impressed that the Brie was a light touch, not a heavy cheesy mess. 

For sides we ordered sweet potato fries (I would have liked these cooked for a slightly shorter amount of time - they were a little dark) and onion rings. We asked for the onion rings to come out first - no problem. The onion rings were easily the best I'd ever had. Crispy batter, thick sliced onion, more than enough with 5 to the plate. Our server suggested BBQ sauce for dipping...great idea. Yum. 

We ate everything, which is equally embarrassing, gluttonous and a high compliment. 

We also ordered a Makers Mark root beer float to split. That was a great decision! The ice cream was vanilla soft serve, allowing the float to melt into creamy boozy yumminess. A perfect ending to a great lunch. 

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