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Friday, August 21, 2015

Dining at Knife: Unforgettable

We really really wanted to eat at Knife before chef/owner/founder John Tesar grew bored of the concept and decided to move on.

Our birthdays were a perfect time to get fancy and cross another goal (and a tasty one at that) off the list.

Our server brought us a dish of chilled crudites to enjoy while we waited on our appetizer. The vegetable selection was unexpected and delicious - a very nice starter.

We split the bacon sampler as an appetizer. Five types of bacon plus bacon jam (our favorite was the thick cut Spanish bacon - meaty with no aftertaste).

For our main, we enjoyed the dry aged bone in 28 oz rib eye. It serves two (as you'd expect) and arrived neatly carved and ready for eating. The meat was tender and rich, with intense flavor. It may be the best steak I've ever eaten.

We had creamed spinach as a side.

Along with roasted carrots - tender and perfectly cooked.

And that photo that we snapped pre dinner? I'd shared it on Twitter and the restaurant noticed, and brought us both birthday desserts of our choice. That's social media power used for good!

And speaking of good - the dessert was good. Very very good. That's a caramel pretzel with a caramel cake and panna cotta ice cream with crumbled pretzels. Yummmmm.

And just as yummy was Kelly's dark chocolate - a chocolate flourless cake, topped with vanilla ice cream and different types of chocolate. I should mention that the happy birthday was an edible mint.

I loved the slighly sardonic approach to delivering the bill: It came in an envelope marked "The Damage." Indeed, dinner wasn't cheap but it was worth every penny!

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