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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Embracing New Things: What a Start

I'd say that I'm now firmly ensconced in my new role with the City of Plano. I've now been in place for just over six weeks and I'm still loving every minute of it.

And how could I not, with such crazy, interesting, challenging and fun days?

There was a big design reveal of Toyota's new corporate headquarters - complete with tons of press (and our Mayor's super-nice and talented intern):

And a concept car:

Plus we had an office grand opening:

And a spotting of our new portable party trailer in the wild, so to speak:

I received a lovely welcome letter from our local congressman:

And for the first time in my life, have an enclosed office with a door with a nameplate:

Our team kicked off strategic planning (one of many, many, many meetings I've attended in the last six weeks but surely one of the most invigorating):

We celebrated birthdays with cake and faux selfies:

I've attended three council meetings. They are far more interesting than you might think and who knows? I may have the Texas state pledge memorized before too long:

And then there was another groundbreaking - in 100F+ weather. Lovely. But I did get to do some congressman spotting!

And I accepted the fact that I may have an office but I'm inept when it comes to putting things together:

Plus I made my first meme in honor of my new favorite thing to say to Kelly:

It's important to be willing to embrace new opportunities, because you never know how wonderful things might be if you don't. All too often we worry about the unknowns - discounting the potential awesome in favor of the less-possible disasters.

I feel like I took a risk stepping away from my industry of 16+ years. I took the risk and I have no regrets.

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