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Thursday, August 6, 2015

First Pho: Trying Dalat

Overdue review...

On my first day of work, I realized around 1:30 that I hadn't eaten lunch yet.

I also realized that a pho shop - Dalat - was now open in downtown Plano and, of course, I had a goal to give pho a try.


I headed to Dalat for a late lunch. It was a beautiful day to sit by myself at a table and people watch.

I ordered beef pho with an egg. I'd heard that beef pho was a good place to start and the egg - well that just seemed fun.

In truth, it wasn't that great. The broth was very salty - definitely saltier than I prefer soup (or anything, really). I found it hard to believe that people would wax lyrical over a bowl of salty beef broth with noodles..

All in all, my first pho was a disappointment. When I shared my experience with coworkers, they advised that Dalat tends to be on the saltier side and vowed to take me somewhere else for "real" pho

Back later with that experience...

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