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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wrapping Another 1001 Days

So I finished - sort of - another 101 list over the past 1001 days (including today).

All in all, I acomplished 91 items on my list. There were 8 items I didn't even start and 2 that I felt I still need to work on, so I've put them on my next list.

My favorite things from this past project?
In a way, listing my favorites is shortchanging the many things I did that have transformed how we do life. Like...
  • We now buy our meat in Muenster, Texas. 
  • Leadership Plano changed the trajectory of my career. 
  • I'm focused on achieving another marathon PR. 
  • We want to go back to Cuba. 
Yet it doesn't account for the things we never would have guessed would happen - like paying off our house or changing jobs (both of us!). And on it goes.

However, the most transformative part of this past 101 list was letting go of the 8 items I didn't do and being ok with it. For me, growth came through recognizing that goals are sometimes simply tasks and that time, focus and energy have to be accounted in any rearview mirror analysis.

The next 101 list is going to be fun! And it starts...tomorrow!

[ Click here to see what I have planned for the next 1001 days. ]

1 comment:

  1. So, you inspired me long ago to try this, and I could only think of eight things for my list. Eight. Seriously. It made me laugh at myself. I love aspirational. I love future thinking. But apparently, only up to eight.