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Monday, January 11, 2016

Road Food: Kellys Family Farm Stand

Grass fed beef is really good for you. Finding it is a bit more of a challenge.

When I learned that a local family not only sells grass fed beef, but also sells burgers out of a trailer on their ranch, I knew we had to stop.

Kelly Family Farms is about 20 minutes from our house (and less than 15 minutes from our offices - dangerous!). It's little more than a wide spot on the side of the road, but there are plenty of picnic tables and places to park.

If you choose to stay to eat rather than taking to go, each table offers a good view of the countryside. In a growing metroplex, that's tough to find and makes eating there a better choice nearly all the time.

You can have a burger or you can have a cheeseburger. I like keeping things simple. You can also get onions and jalapenos - and you can choose to have those fresh or grilled. I like having options. And by the way, you should always choose to grill if you can...much more flavor that way. But if you don't, I won't judge you. (Too much, anyway.)

There are even "facilities" on site if you need them. Ahem.

Kelly Family Farms was a super fun stop for a burger and we're happy to have a nearby location to buy ground beef when we need it. That's a win-win in our books!

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