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Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Long-Awaited Visit to Off-Site Kitchen

We finally found time to stop at Off-Site Kitchen for a burger. I've wanted to go forever, but parking at the original location (little more than a shack near downtown Dallas) was tough.

Backgrounder: Off-Site Kitchen (OSK) started as an off-shoot food stand associated with the meat prep facility for a locally owned restaurant chain. The burgers served were soooooo amazing that the owner decided to move into a new location in Dallas' hip Trinity Groves restaurant development.

(Side note: We totally need a Trinity Groves type development in Plano. Someone work on that, ok?)

When we first tried to go for a burger, OSK wasn't open yet. Fast forward four months and we finally found ourselves downtown with time available for lunch.

The vibe is cool. I didn't take any photos outside because it was windy and cold, but there are picnic tables and a variety of outdoor games.

Inside...cooler after cooler of beer, with el cheapo options as well as local varieties.

Plus a cooler full of fun canned soda and cold candy bars. Just like you might keep them at home back in the day.

The drink station has handmade labels and options from the standard Coke to locally made Oak Cliff sodas.

And a host of other drinks - regular and sweet tea, lemonade, punch and more.

The kitchen is open so you can see everyone at work.

We also spotted three frozen drink machines tucked away - full of frozen adult beverages. We couldn't resist the frozen bourbon coke. Or the Oak Cliff Root Beer. Both were delicious.

And the food. OH YUM.

I only ordered one side of fresh cut russet potato fries. That was a mistake that I won't make again. They were flavorful, crispy, not at all greasy with just the right amount of salt.

I ordered the Green Chile Bacon burger. The meat - 1/3 lb - was amazing. In addition to the bacon and green chile, it came with carmelized onions and muenster cheese.

Kelly ordered the Locals Only burger. It came with mustard (no mayo), American cheese, bacon and jalapenos. He was very very happy.

Now I'm super sad that OSK doesn't have a location further north. Maybe that will change someday soon?


  1. When did you guys go? John was there Saturday around 1pm rating the burger for I think the post goes live next week.

    1. We went right after Lauren's funeral in November. Then again at the beginning of December. You'll have to send a link when John's review goes live! I can't wait to see what he thought of the burger.