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Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Used to be an Early Adopter

Let me clarify - I used to be an earlier adopter. Not the first to try something (that's the perfectionist in me: Why try what you don't know? You might fail!), but far from the last.

However, as I'm getting older I'm becoming a very tardy adopter.
  • I got my first cell phone when we moved to the UK in 2005. Turned it in when we moved back and waited a full 9 months before really getting my own cell phone (Kelly, too) in late 2007.
  • While I got my first PC when I went off to college in 1989, I was home computerless from 1995-2005. We bought our laptop before moving overseas.
  • We also bought our first iPods just before we moved to London (gee, as I'm typing this I'm realizing how many things are tied to moving to London...) and went through the laborious task of digitizing all of our music.
  • Internet at home? That didn't happen until 2007.
  • Blogging? Well, as you know, I started that this year.
  • Facebook and MySpace? I created accounts a couple of years ago but didn't really fool much with them until recently.
This weekend, between doing a bit of work, a hint of exercise and a show at cooking, I've been playing around with my Facebook account. Who know how much fun you could have in there? And how many old friends you could reconnect with? It's great.

It's official. I'm an old fogey with technology. By the amount of time I now spend on my internet addiction, I'm not sure it's such a bad thing either. Before technology, I actually had time and energy to talk to my friends, go out and do things, and meet wonderful people, like my husband.

I suppose that technology has it's role in life. It's helping me stay in touch with all of those folks and I certainly know what's happening around the world courtesy of a few keystrokes and a great favorites list of news websites.

Unlesss there's one out there, maybe I could be an early adopter for Internet Addicts Anonymous.


  1. nah, you were just hoping that people would stay in the age of boom boxes on your shoulders and teased hair ... not to mention tightly rolled pants. lol

    I love ya Shannah, welcome to the age of technology

  2. Well, tight rolled jeans did look pretty cool at the time...

  3. Well, you have a blog. You can't be *that* far behind the times!!

    Of course, I make my living off of advancing technology, so I'm biased. :-)


  4. This is true!! Of course, I only am willing to try it if you can show that it works. :)