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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fun Place 1

We met up with The Boy's old friend, Philip, to collect our OKC Marathon packet and enjoy catching up on 20 (!!) years of past history over lunch.

Philip suggested a new local sushi joint, the Pachinko Palace. Why? Because he had a pachinko game growing up and thought the name was fun. Plus it had received some good reviews.

Since we're always game for sushi, we found our way into a redeveloping part of the city.

I'd show you a photo of the food, but honestly, it was so good that I didn't take a single photo. I was too busy eating and enjoying our conversation. You'll just have to enjoy the fun signage (repeated on the website...also a fun place to visit).

We had an amazing appetizer of Asian chips and dip. The chips were made of fried rice papers with black sesame (kind of like poppadoms, but not). The dip was sweet chili dipping sauce. YUM. I'd eat this every day if I could.

We both ordered the lunch special - a roll with either soup or salad. The Boy had salad (said it was good) and I had soup. (Cream of edemame. Yes, it was good. No, I didn't share.) We did order two different rolls and shared those - the Incredible Mr. Limpet (spicy tuna mix, avocado, green onion, black sesame) and the Merle Haggard: Okie California roll (with real crab).

Before leaving, I snapped a picture of another cool detail at the restaurant...personalized soy containers. The red label is low sodium, the black is full sodium. What a great (and fun!) idea!!

I need to google and look for a cream of edemame soup. Yes, it was that good.
And I also need to find some empty containers and my glue gun. I feel a craft project coming on!

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