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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Goldilocks Threshold

When cooking, it's very important to keep the Goldilocks Threshold in mind.

The Goldilocks Threshold occurs when you don't have too much of something, so you try to add just enough of something, and end up with too much instead.

For example:

I've noticed that the Goldilocks Threshold most often occurs in conjunction with the I Think This Might Work strategy.

The I Think This Might Work strategy is often employed when what you'd originally planned doesn't work out (because, for example, you forgot to photocopy the second page of a recipe) and you have to find an alternative on the fly.

If you're lucky - if - The I Think This Might Work strategy actually will work, despite surpassing the Goldilocks Threshold.

Crawfish and Chipotle-Cheese Grits


** This recipe was Boy tested and Boy approved. Good thing he didn't know I didn't really have a recipe.

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