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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Can't Do A, But I Can Do B

There are periods in life where you feel a little out of control - things are chaotic, you can't always see the pathway through and it's easy to feel down.

Those are the times that make you feel like there are simply a lot of things that you can't do, for one reason or another.

And that's when it's nice to identify what you CAN do. Doing something, even small, can really boost your spirits - even if it's only for a time.

That happened to us over the weekend. We're playing whack-a-mole with several things right now and, quite frankly, it's emotionally and spiritually draining.

Yet after church our pastor asked us, spur of the moment, if we could sit with a couple considering a move to Dallas and answer any questions they had.

There's a lot I (we) can't do right now, for a number of reasons - including spare time. But we can share our lunch hour with a couple and we can answer questions about Dallas.

And just doing that one small thing makes us feel like maybe, just maybe, we'll get to the point where we can do other things.

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