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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Making an Upgrade

For years - years - we've had a sad little block of knives. These knives have moved with us nine times and prepared countless delicious meals.

Yet still, they were showing their age. That's how "get real kitchen knives" ended up on my 101 list.

However, I knew that replacing our knives wouldn't be an inexpensive proposition. I also wanted to purchase precisely what we needed and wanted, not simply what was provided in a preset knife set.

I researched knives, read reviews and built a list of what we wanted in our own set.

And, after several months of shopping using holiday gift cards and fitness program rewards shopping cards, we finally have our full set:

I purchased a nice block from Henckels that had a configuration of openings that worked with the knives I intended to buy. Our knives are a combination of classic American (Chicago Cutlery - old knives, that I had resharpened by a local pro), German (Wusthof) and French (Opinel).

Cooking has never been more fun - or easier! The difference great knives make can't be understated.

If you're considering replacing your knives, I thought this article in particular was incredibly helpful.

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