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Friday, March 13, 2015

Not as Easy as it Looks on TV

I had a 101 goal to try going vegetarian two days a week.

We were able to do it for exactly one week.

The problem isn't that we don't like to eat vegetarian - the problem is our schedules. Meetings, late nights, travel - predictability and time were the enemy of cooking well balanced meat-free food for an entire day, two days every week.

However, the Hayleys are not easily deterred. We simply changed our goal.

Instead of trying to go vegetarian two days a week, we decided to eat a vegetarian meal at least four times a week. And that we've been able to do.

I exclude breakfast from this count, because we nearly always eat a meat-free breakfast.

Between lunches and dinners, we tend to go meat-free five or more meals a week. We've had everything from black bean soup (one of our favorite fast-fixing dinners) to delicious tofu stir fry, vegetarian "burgers" to sukuma wiki and ugali.


We're determined to reduce the red meat in our diet - although we love a good burger and steak on occasion - and increase our consumption of plants as well as fish. We feel better and it's helping these mid-40-year-old bodies keep the weight off.

A couple of great cookbooks that we've relied on if you're interested in doing the same:

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