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Friday, February 26, 2010

In The Next Moment

One thing was evidently clear during my day at the spa yesterday: I need to relax.

From comments regarding Knot Mountain in the middle of my back to multiple exclamations regarding how tense my neck is to instructions from the nail technician to relax my foot, this girl is pretty tense.

Throughout, I was lying there thinking, "RELAX, Shannah." And, yes, it did occur to me that there's something not relaxing when you're forcing yourself to relax.

What I really wanted to do was to be In The Moment, enjoying my spa day and letting my body release tension.

In reality, I discovered that I spend a lot of time living In The Next Moment. What I mean is that while I'm doing one thing, I'm already thinking about the next thing to do.
  • Getting a massage...thinking about getting a facial.
  • Driving to work...thinking about what I'll be doing at work.
  • Going to sleep...visualizing the next day's activities.
  • And so on.
No wonder I can't relax!!!

I'm thinking I need to take a page from furbaby Ben's book - that cat is never not in the moment. Whatever happens is what happens and he's always figuring out a way to make it work.

How about you? Do you have problems being In The Moment?


  1. I've found that getting a massage on a regular basis has helped me be able to better relax and be in the moment.

  2. Kelly and I think it might be a wise investment for us.

  3. I am getting better about being in the moment but it isn't always easy. My counselor wants me to do a 4 minute breathing exercise once a day that I am not allowed to think about anything but my breathing. For 4 minutes. It is not easy but I feel SO much better after the 4 minutes is up.